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Custom software solutions
From idea to scalable digital product

Over 19 years ago, in partnership with United Nations Japan, we built one of the first Ruby-based applications.

Since then, we have accompanied 170+ partners in product development, research, and design to unlock their full potential.

Two smiling people brainstorming a project
Our partners

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Early stage start-ups

Validate ideas, deepen your perspective, and develop true MVP

Small and medium companies

Get a self-organizing team to enhance your development and build skills


Gain experience, alternative perspective, and technical expertise

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Partner Logos: Philips, UNEP WWCMC, Funding Circle, Hypoguide, Skirmish, ING

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What our clients love about us

Business acumen
The quality is perfect. They are smart people and give good advice on what we can do differently. What I really appreciate is how much and how quickly they understood our business.
Sebastian Frenzel photo
Sebastian Frenzel
CEO of SpielArchitekten
The team is friendly and highly professional, and they have guided us through the process with impressive responsiveness and patience with our ideas and requests.
Mia Pantzer photo
Mia Pantzer
Policy Analyst and CCO at IEEP
Lunar Logic designed and developed a fully functional mortgage platform from start to finish. The team created custom features like a mortgage calculator, administration tool, and bank compatibility.
Mathiass Joss photo
Mathiass Joss
CEO & Co-founder Hypoguide
Rated 4.9/5.0 for web development, mobile development and design servicesRead more reviews
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Frank relations

Custom approach

After initial talks, we propose a dedicated team for your needs.

With the start of a partnership, Lunar's team focuses on understanding your product and its current setup. Once we are aligned, our experts deliver high-fidelity designs and scalable code.

We integrate into your team and take ownership of our initiatives. Thanks to a short feedback loop, we all stay on the right track to the next iteration.

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Diverse team

Collective intelligence as a core

Why would you care? One of the reasons — better results.

As academic research and our experience show (ask Pawel, he is a real geek), teams in which members care and listen to others are better-performing teams than those composed of superstars and individualists.

Simplifying, women increase the collective intelligence of teams.

Today, women make up 60% of our technical team.

Case studies

Take a look

Air Quality
Convenient access to air quality and health data on mobile to make individual decisions smarter
Housing finance
Comparison platform for the best housing finance offers with an option to apply immediately
Funding Circle
Lending Network
A social lending network that provides fast and affordable small business financing

How we work

What are our areas of expertise?
We have a versatile team of Quality Assurance experts, Designers, Front-end, Back-end, and mobile developers.
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Ruby on Rails, Node.js, PostgreSQL, MySQL, NoSQL
React.js, Angular, Next.js, Typescript, HTML, CSS, Sass
Swift (iOS), Kotlin (Android), React Native
Quality Assurance
Cypress, Playwright, Selenium Webdriver, Jest, RSpec, Mocha, Chai
UX / UI Design
UX research, UX audits, Discovery & UX workshops, UI design and redesign
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React.js logo
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What industries do we have experience with?
Lunar teams focus on our partner's niche and self-educate accordingly. For 19 years, we have help design and develop products in various areas.More under NDA.
Do we work on fixed budgets?
No. Our goal is to help our partners by delivering the best value. Product development is a complex process. Even with proper initial research and discovery work, we will learn more about the product and its users over time. That influences priorities, the shape of the product, and amount of features.
Committing to what features will be in the product a few months before handing it over for a fixed price is far from optimal for everyone. We never recommend that.
Of course, we prepare a forecast, so you know what to expect.

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